J. Cush

Warm, round bass.

Mix Name (Length : Year)
I Bang Myself (1hr : 2011)
A driving array of minimal and thrashing techno for the Go F*uk Yourself party mayhem.

Burning Shadows (1hr : 2010)
A playa inspired collection of familiar deep house, tech-house, and techno.

Bramble in June (2hr : 2010)
A live set recording from a Bramble Republic outdoor party outside of San Diego. Two hours of funk and thunder with lots of heaving hitting beats.

Woogie Stage @ LiB(1.5hr : 2010)
A live performance recording. A day set with some tech and some funk and some chunk.

Elysium Redux (2hr : 2010)
Deep house delight with a heaping of sexy. Then a satisfying drift into techno bliss.

Devious (1hr : 2009)
From deep within, this smoothly rolling collection of subtly lustful sounds takes the listener down a house riddled road of techno

DBoom Arrives (1hr : 2009)
A selection of tracks representing a narrative of the preparation for and arrival of DBoom into the world

X-Sanguin(LIVE) (1hr : 2008)
A freaky Halloween set that starts big with some gritty electro; then morphs into a brooding techno stomp fest.

Alma Paradiso (1hr : 2008)
A bangin floor chugger full of tech house and techno remixed in the studio from that warm summer night on Catalina island. Big round bass throughout.

Troy's Chunky Bucket (1hr : 2008)
With mysterious wonder we explore the underground caves of our minds in this studio mix. Minimal and techno.

Reve(LIVE) (1hr : 2007)
A weird, dark, and chunky minimal techno set spun at a Wandering Marionettes performance event.

Stilgood (1hr : 2007)
This is a late night gift to a warm soul. Deep drifting techno, vocals, tech-house, and minimal.

Goldfish (1hr : 2007)
Flirty tech-house early; and then into some big room techno and electro.

Filthy Groove (1hr : 2006)
Techno electro bubble-gum pop galore. First mix recording on CDJs.